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Traditional Chinese Brush Landscape Painting

Chinese landscape painting, in general, is the famous paintings art that take landscapes as themes, treats the natural mountains and rivers as major description objects. The mountain-and-river picture of exquisite Chinese painting belongs to Chinese landscape painting.

We can closely appreciate Chinese brush painting's artistic conception, artistic style, spirit or mood and tone from Chinese landscape drawings. There is no other branch of drawing by painters in China that can give Chinese people more emotion than Chinese ink and brush paintings of landscape, especially like mountain, river, rock, valley landscape painting, or traditional Chinese scroll landscape painting.

Perhaps, there is also no other artistic form in the world like classic Chinese landscape painting that can pay attention to the cultural awareness of watching landscape, match mountains and rivers well, and the harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

There are over 800 modern fine asian oriental landscape paintings including blue and green landscape painting, black and white landscape painting, vertical and horizontal landscape painting, 6 foot large Chinese landscape painting for sale at Inkdance Chinese Painting Gallery. They are great decorative art.

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Thank you for the excellent customer
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blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
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Chinese Sea Painting,68cm x 136cm,1095105-x
Chinese Trees Painting,40cm x 70cm,1175037-x
Chinese Snow Painting,66cm x 136cm,1056014-x
Chinese Yellow River Painting,70cm x 180cm,1119029-x
Chinese Mountain and Water Painting,70cm x 180cm,1011054-x
Chinese Waterfall Painting,70cm x 175cm,cyd11123008-x
Chinese Water Township Painting,53cm x 81cm,1197004-x
Chinese Village Countryside Painting,70cm x 180cm,1095015-x
Chinese Buildings Pavilions Palaces Towers Terraces Painting,96cm x 180cm,lzx11188014-x
Chinese Four Screens of Landscapes Painting,35cm x 136cm,sw11226003-x
Chinese Great Wall Painting,80cm x 180cm,1695001-x
Chinese Mountains Painting,97cm x 180cm,1135134-x
Chinese Sea Painting,70cm x 180cm,lh11083011-x
Chinese Trees Painting,69cm x 69cm,1134020-x
Chinese Snow Painting,68cm x 68cm,wyg11084006-x
Chinese Yellow River Painting,140cm x 360cm,1097003-x
Chinese Mountain and Water Painting,69cm x 138cm,1002004-x
Chinese Waterfall Painting,69cm x 138cm,zym11169003-x
Chinese Water Township Painting,50cm x 107cm,1206003-x
Chinese Village Countryside Painting,68cm x 136cm,1095016-x

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