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Are you still struggling to find a Chinese painting or Chinese Oil painting which meets your ideal composition, your ideal size and at the price within your budget?

It is to be a unique gift for an important person to you, or be one of your own long-time collection and decoration.

Now you just need some one who can turn your ideas into a real hand-painted painting

Maybe you can find Chinese painting's supplier in your local city, you thought you could save your time and money if you go with them.

Maybe you waste a lot of precious time searching for the information and the artist, you thought it was too difficult to find a good artist to paint the exact painting in your mind. ……

And all you need is just an amazing and unique painting. It obviously appears in your mind, and you want it to be a painting, so you can see it and touch it at any time. You don't want to waste your prevcious time and money getting an imperfect painting.

You would expect to have an accomplished talented Chinese artist to turn your ideas into a real hand-painted painting! And you would expect to make your customization more convenient, save your time and money!

That's what Ink Dance Chinese Painting Gallery did.

Why we are confident that we will be your best choice?

# We are a China-based gallery with high reputation. We hire the most accomplished Chinese local experts in our field.
Unlike many online Chinese paintings stores, we're an actual brick-and-mortar shop, and has been in business for over ten years.

# We are China largest Online Chinese Paintings Store, most probably the World's Largest Online Chinese Paintings Store, with over 10 years accumulated expertise, king-like service to painting lovers.
Compared with others online, we have much richer choices of painting compositions and fantastic artists for you to choose.

# Our prices are affordable and the most competitive. You can save up to 50%-80% compared to the local store in your area.
We've cut out the middleman. We give our customers artist-to-customer prices.

We specialise in customizing painting Chinese paintings including landscape, flowers, portrait, animal and Oil paintings, etc, according to your special needs and you have our artists specially painting it for you in no time.

How we turn what you have in mind into fabulous painting?

Our Customization Process:

1. The customers send the inquiry to let us know their requirements.

You can search and see the paintings on our website(Chinese Oil Paintings, Chinese Landscape Paintings, Chinese Bird & Flower Paintings, Chinese Figure Paintings, Chinese Animal Paintings, Chinese Calligraphies, Chinese Bamboo Paintings, Chinese Crane Paintings, Chinese Dragon Paintings, Chinese Fish Paintings, Chinese Buddha Paintings, Chinese Horse Paintings, Chinese Lotus Paintings, Chinese Peoney Paintings, Chinese Plum Blossom Paintings and Chinese Tiger Paintings), find which ones (including their styles and colors) are mostly like what you are looking for. Then please let us know the IDs(like 2640001) of the painting you are interested in, and your special requirements based on them;

Or you could just tell us your requirements and let us recommend the paintings for you to choose.

2. Through emails your personal consultant discuss all your special needs with you.

3. After finishing discussing on emails,
1) For those customized paintings with over 80% similarity with the original, normally the artist won't need to paint a draft firstly becuase there are only small changes compared with the original painting.

2) For those customized paintings with huge changes compared with the original painting, the artist will paint a draft firstly before he/she begin to formally paint at the formal Xuan Paper. After the artist finish the draft, we will send the picture to let you see. If there are any other opinions, we can ask the artist to revise untill lastly you are satisfied with the draft.
(Please notice, the draft is simple with rough sketch for basically showing the rough composition and arrangemen of elements in the painting. )

4. Before formally painting or painting a draft, please kindly understand that normally our paintings in stock or customized paintings need to be paid firstly.
For those customized paintings with big money, our customers can firstly paint 50% advanced payment instead of whole payment before formally painting or painting a draft.
(Please don't worry. If lastly, you aren't satisfied with the customized painting after the artist revise it or even redone it, our gallery will return the money to you as our return policy says.) After our gallery get your payment, our artist will immediately begin to paint.

5. When the original artist finish the formal customized painting, we will immediately send you the picture to see if it is totally satisfied by you.
Normally our customers will satisfy them because they are painted based on the original composition and careful discussion. But if you have some other opinions, we will tell the artist to revise it or even redone the artwork untill you are totally satisfied with it. If lastly you aren't satisfied with the painting even after the artist redone it, our gallery will return the whole money to you as our return policy says.

6. Painting time
The time of painting normally would take 4-8 days. Other time especially discussing via emails depend on the communication between your consultants and you.

7. Free Packing and Shipping
We offer free international shipping, and free nice packing for you. You don't need to pay any duties and taxes.
Click Here to See More Details on Shipping Info
Every piece of fine Chinese painting you order from InkDance Painting Gallery comes in a free special package.
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What People Like You Are Saying About Us:
"I thought it was a painting but I just could not believe it, the detail is so fine and delicate, it is fantastic. I keep looking at it very close, and the artwork is amazing. I am very pleased with the painting, it is better than I imagined it would be.
I know it will a great birthday present for my wife."
——Aidan Roberts(the United Kingdom, Sun, Jan 31, 2010)

"I felt I must write a note to let you know how thrilled I was with the beautiful painting Aidan arranged for me, it is so lovely I was very surprised with such an original idea that is so perfect. Please convey my gratitude to Huang Yi for such a beautiful and personal picture of my family."
——Lyn Roberts (the United Kingdom, Wed, Feb 10, 2010)

"When I opened the picture from Li Zhi zhong I was shocked! It was so beautiful, I had to catch my breath! He is so talented it is hard to believe!
Please thank him for me so much. I will be very nervous until I can get the picture into a very good frame and get it protected by glass. I think will probably be the finest painting I ever own. Tell Li Zhi zhong my Buddha will be watching over his painting! "
——Tommy (United States, Sun, Jan 30, 2011)

"After a very difficult day at work, I cam home and saw your package waiting for me. The paintings are so beautiful, they brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. I am so happy with this artwork. The scroll mounting is perfect as well. These paintings I will always cherish."
——Diane(United States, Wed, Feb 9, 2011)

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You can get all this from us!:
1. Best & valuable customization service, Free customization consultant service;
2. Quick reply in 0.5-23.5 hours;
3. Private Consultant for free, 1-on-1 service;
4. Professional Knowledge & Advices;
5. Safe PayPal Cart platform, SSL encryption, thorough privacy policy;
6. Established company with high reputation in China;
7. Free shipping, free packing, a free certificate of Authenticity;
8. Money-back Guarantee

Just let us know what you would like it to be painted, and we can give you a good price.
You can save up to 50%-80% compared to the local store, because we've cut out the middleman. We give our customers artist-to-customer prices.

Inquire Now & Decide Later

Filling out an inquiry form is Not a commitment to customize a painting.

Filling this simple form. Not all fields are required, but the more information we have, the better and faster we can provide you with the perfect Chinese painting. We respect your privacy and will never share your info with anyone for any reason.

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