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Chinese calligraphy is considered the art of writing Han characters with the brush or the rules of this art, that has a long tradition. From the perspective of Han characters, Chinese calligraphy is quite an unique visual art, but that peculiarity doesn't prevent people who don't know Han characters from appreciating Chinese calligraphy.

In ancient China, potentates and intellectuals attached importance to calligraphy. One of basic qualities of ancient intellectuals was that they had to learn to write a nice hand in calligraphy. Thus, all the intellectuals worked hard at calligraphy to varying degrees and that gave rise to numerous calligraphers. Moreover, many emperors also valued the study of calligraphy highly, some of them even were famous calligraphers. Also, a mass of master pieces of calligraphy were collected by imperial household and nobles as the most precious collection.

Chinese calligraphy goes hand in hand with life. According to Stanley-Baker, "Calligraphy is sheer life experienced through energy in motion that is registered as traces on silk or paper, with time and rhythm in shifting space its main ingredients." A great deal of perfect calligraphies were kept in the form of letter, manuscript of poetry, inscription on stone tablet, plaque, screen, upholstery and so on. Those works are appreciated more or only for their aesthetic qualities. Calligraphy has also influenced most major art styles in China, including Chinese painting, seal carving, dance, and music. In addtion, Chinese calligraphy has influenced the development of Japanese and Korean calligraphies which were originated and developed from China, especially in the part based entirely on Han characters .

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Chinese Other Meaning Calligraphy,69cm x 46cm,5904015-x
Chinese Poem Expressing Feelings Calligraphy,50cm x 100cm,5947006-x
Chinese Poem Expressing Feelings Calligraphy,48cm x 176cm,5948006-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955036-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955059-x
Chinese Health Calligraphy,50cm x 100cm,5902002-x
Chinese Happy & Good Luck Calligraphy,66cm x 136cm,5380003-x
Chinese Self-help & Motivational Calligraphy,70cm x 180cm,5920023-x
Chinese Birthday Calligraphy,66cm x 136cm,5911004-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955001-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955016-x
Chinese Other Meaning Calligraphy,65cm x 33cm,5518007-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955052-x
Chinese Poem Expressing Feelings Calligraphy,69cm x 138cm,5945008-x
Chinese Poem Expressing Feelings Calligraphy,50cm x 100cm,5916002-x
Chinese Poem Expressing Feelings Calligraphy,46cm x 180cm,5946007-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955037-x
Chinese Health Calligraphy,66cm x 66cm,5920012-x
Chinese Poem Expressing Feelings Calligraphy,34cm x 138cm,5949009-x
Chinese Love Marriage & Family Calligraphy,50cm x 50cm,5955024-x

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