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Xu Xue Yuan's Biography & Awards:

Xu Xue Yuan, born in Zhao’an county that well-known as the land of calligraphy and painting of Fujian province in 1974. In 1992, he graduated in traditional Chinese painting from Zhao’an Art School. In 2000, he took a refresher course in Fine Arts Department of Xiamen University for one year. He succeed to the teachings from China famous Gongbi flower&bird painting masters Gao Jiwen, Shen Jiwen, Guo Yilang and Zhen Xuegong that is the former vice-chairman of Gongbi Painting Painters Association.

Currently he is member of China Traditional Painting Painters Association, Zhangzhou Artists Association and Zhao’an Artists Association.

Painter Xu Xue Yuan’s works absorbed the essence of traditional culture and blended in modern thought. The animals he created are cute, vivid, and full of interesting, forming the plain and elegant style with magnificently artistic conception. The composition emphasize changes that caused by regulating spacing, using the heavy, complicated and interlaced linetype to form painting. His mainly style is exquisite, fresh, quietly elegant and rich in verve.

His works repeatedly participated in various provincial, municipal and prefectural exhibition, and some works are collected by Zhou Bichu art gallery and Shen Yaochu art gallery.

Once he has won the third prize in the first Youth Artworks Exhibition of Zhao’an County that held by Fujian Artists Association.

His works are respectively selected in Fujian Youth and Middle-aged Artists Works Exhibition that held by Fujian Artists Association and the Joint Youth Artists’ High-quality Gongbi Flower&Bird Painting Exhibition that held by Guangdong Artists Association and Zhuangzhou Artists Association.







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