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Recommended Chinese Painting Artists:
Chen Chun Zhong, was born in 1964 in Guilin of the Guangxi Province of China. He graduated from Guangxi Art Academy and is the dean of Li-Chian Art Institute and Vice President of Yang Shou Art Institute. At a early age he excelled in landscape painting and developed his own unique painting style of using bold ink washes to create his bright landscapes. H ... (View More) Chen Chun Zhong
Liu Yan Jiang, is a professional painter. He was born in Guilin of Guangxi province in 1970. He learns painting from his childhood and once was known as “the little painter of Lijiang river”. Later he had further education in the fine arts department of Guangxi Art Institute. Now he is a member of Guilin Artists Association. He is indifferent to fam ... (View More) Liu Yan Jiang
Bai Yu, local people in Yangshuo county of Guilin. Skilled in flowers&birds paiting and preferred the ink painting . Addicted to the creation of flowers&birds artworks all the time. Lots of paintings were awarded a prize in the exhibition these years, whilst attracted the attention of the art professionals. ... (View More) Bai Yu
Yan Zhan Ping, alias Yan Yi Zhou, born in 1974. He is the native of Xinyu city which is the hometown of Traditional Chinese Painting Master Fu Baoshi, Jiangxi province. In 1996, he graduated in art from Fine Arts Department of Jiangxi Normal University. Good at traditional Chinese painting. In 2000, he took famous painter Wang Maofei as his teacher w ... (View More) Yan Zhan Ping

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